Agrupación Señor Serrano

Agrupación Señor Serrano is a theatre company based in Barcelona that creates original productions about discordant aspects of today’s human experience. Señor Serrano’s shows blend live feed video, scale models, text, performance, sound and objects. The company productions premiere and tour internationally.

Silver Lion 2015 Venice Theatre Biennale

Shows on Tour


The crisis of 1929. An expedition. A documentary film. The beast. The solution to the crisis. A show out of control. Combat biplanes firing. The birth of a myth… and taking advantage of it. Hair, a lot of hair. The crisis of 1976. The crisis of 1992. The solution to every crisis: adding further pressure. Chest beating. The crisis of 2008. Another turn of the screw. Pump up the volume. Agrupación Señor Serrano. The party is over. All together. Until we burst it all…length: 60′


Birdie is a multimedia performance with live video, objects, Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ revisited, scale models, 2000 mini animals, wars, smugglers, a massive migration and three performers handling this messy world with wit, criticism and commitment with humankind…length: 60′


Through its trademark language (scale models, video projections, video editing in real time and willing performers) Agrupación Señor Serrano presents a scenic western where reality and its copies are mixed, drawing a merciless pop portrait of the decade following 9/11, the seed for the 21st century. Come and see…length: 60′


A shantytown on fire. Funky blaring. The crisis in the mortgage system. Nests, burrows, caves and mansions. 42,879 evictions in Spain in 2011. A banker smiling. A builder smiling. The right to housing. The right to have air conditioning. A lot of live videos. And Marlon Brando performing John Brickman. Neither more nor less…length: 65′


Four performers, eleven scaled models and hundreds of gummy bears create the world of Katastrophe: a stupid fable about human civilization, focused on disasters. Everything is performed live through chemical experiments and subversive actions. Welcome to our pop world of chaos, game and destruction…length: 70′