La Tristura

La Tristura works on scenic arts, always trying to generate human situations both on- and off-stage. They face the stage by looking for the limits of representation, showing their interest in contemporary theatre, and with an engagement with new ways of doing things through investigation and words. La tristura works with mystery, desire and intimacy.

Shows on Tour


In Future Lovers six young people born around the year 2000 talk to each other and to the world. It’s a summer night outside the city, a group of friends, maybe in-between high school and college, have met there to drink, dance, talk, kiss.

With Future Lovers, we want to get closer to this generation, which is growing up in our new hyperstimulated and technological world. A world that is changing the ways we relate, communicate, touch and love each other. We want to look at it without having to judge it, because we are also part of this world.

Looking at them as they talk and behave like no one is watching, we create a bubble, a nest, that, looked at from outside, speaks to us directly, and forces us to go back to that time in our lives.


“We have to rethink revolution. Better than changing the world, like Marx said, we have to change life, as Rimbaud said. Let us go towards the micro politics of the situation. Guy Debord and all the situationists knew all about this. We need to change the way we perceive the world.”

—Leopoldo María Panero

CINE is born from a desire to explore the secret path between the telescopic and the microscopic view, the following stage in the search for the intimate account, for micropolitcs, for those places where the biggest and the smallest find a connection.

We imagine a young man who, for years, wasn’t able to debark on his journey. Maybe out of fear, or mere inability, maybe because he just never found the right time. In this journey he tries to find answers about his identity. Identity from which there is no trace, ever since he was born at the end of the 70s, in Spain. Now, when the road movie starts, he is finally engaging in this search. Along the road he will find himself in situations that would reveal his own history and that of his country.