Pere Faura

Catalan young choreographer, graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO). Pere Faura’s work is based on the appropriation of elements of pop culture, such as striptease, disco, musicals or porn, which he remix into a new multidisciplinary choreography combining all the elements of the theatrical convention.

Shows on Tour

SWEET PRECARITY (working title)

NEW CREATION WORK IN PROGRESS opening 2020…soon more news!


A ritualistic and ecstasy-like group choreography made only by looping the “Saturday Night Fever” disco dance under techno music and with the interaction of striking images. A funny reflective and very sweaty performance to re-signify the idea of disco and dance party as new spaces for social and political potentialities…length: 60′


Copying, remixing or destroying iconic film choreographies of John Travolta or Patrick Swayze, the performance unfolds sweaty reflections about the different tyrannical relationships inherent in the world of professional dance. And presents disco as a new physical, festive and political space to subvert those working tyrannies…length: 75′


“No dance, no paradise” is a dance project about and around dance. Through the use of 4 well renowned iconic choreographies of Dance History, as well as part of the performer’s own dance history, the performance proposes their re-embodiment and re-contextualization as a historical and symbolic gesture of recognition and admiration, as well as an exercise of humorist self-criticism about the dance world and its references. A choreographic, part of the collective memory of dance in order to unfold reflections about performativity, gender, ownership and representation in dance and in its History…length: 70′


“Striptease” is a striptease to the theater and to its gaze. A striptease, a performance and a conference, which humoristically and ironically compares the theatrical event with the art of undressing.

What are we expecting to see when we go to the theater? And when do we go to see a striptease? And when do we go to see a theater show called “striptease”

“Striptease” talks about these expectations; about the mechanism of desire in both conventions; about the seductive relationship between performer and spectator. A spectator, which who’s gaze finally becomes the main protagonist of this striptease…length: 45′


As an attempt to undress the undressed, the piece re-visits the porn imaginary as a choreographic practice. Following different strategies such as concret re-contextualization or complete abstraction, a dancer practices alone the dual dance par excellence. A masturbation with no loneliness. A striptease to the architecture of pleasure, which the audience witnesses in that space between being spectator and being voyeur, between the private and the public, between the explicit and the erotic. A naked, sweaty and dirty reflection about the gymnastics of excitement and the physicality of desire. …length: 15′