Club Guy & Roni

Dynamic, daring, unpolished, but also touching and humorous. Club Guy & Roni is an international dance company, founded in 2002 in Groningen (The Netherlands) by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver. They create mysterious, musical and seductive dance performances, dealing with contemporary topics and reaching far beyond the genre of ‘dance’. In its quest for innovation, the Club collaborates with artists from other disciplines such as music, film, theatre, science and visual arts.

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Brave New World 2.0 examines the future of humanity. The divided society predicted by Aldous Huxley in his 1932 novel, Brave New World, was meant as a warning but already seems recognisable to the modern day reader. Artificial intelligence, robots and hyper-intelligent algorithms create opportunities but also raise an important question: is the world becoming a better place through these technological developments, or do they only increase an already existing inequality between the haves and have-nots?

Inspired by Brave New World, but also by the works of Naomi Klein (This changes everything, No is not enough), Thomas Picketty (Capital in the Twenty-First Century) and Yuval Harari (Sapiens, Homo Deus), director Guy Weizman and writer Rik van den Bos create an arresting, in your face Brave New World 2.0 that’s relevant to our modern times.

A production with 23 actors, dancers and musicians that will force the audience to think and act.


Major, religious and societal conflicts are brought back to human stories, to a small story. And practically all world conflicts from disappointment or pain. Now that the tensions between the Western and the Arabic world are mounting more and more, we take the theatregoer back to where it all started: a father who does not know how to show his fatherly love and two brothers who are driven away from each other. This is Abraham’s story.

Salam is joint production with Noord Nederlands Toneel ans Asko|Schönberg


The computer game Tetris conquered the world in 1984. Also choreographer Roni Haver was once addicted to the game. Now she creates an explosive performance together with the prize-winning dancer of Club Guy & Roni and the ingenious musicians of Slagwerk Den Haag. TETRIS Mon amour is a metaphor for real life. If you push yourself harder, your life score can increase. The only way to master the game is to play with self-control at the highest speed. You need to find a way to fit into an existing structure, before it’s ‘Game Over..length: 60′



In Mechanical Ecstasy the repetitive beats and hypnotizing dance will make you forget about the world. Club Guy & Roni and Slagwerk Den Haag create a Club Night in which the boundaries between performance and party dissolve. The beats become a mantra, on the way to ecstasy. The public and performers can experience the timeless feeling of freedom in a mix of stimulating drums and hypnotizing dance. Or at least for a little while…length: 75′


At times almost feels like happiness is a must… But you can also discover great beauty in sadness. Happiness is an absurd and bittersweet comedy about a family who isn’t exactly what you would call conventional. Sweet, weird, and eccentric people who choose their own bumpy road in life. They are awkward, maladjusted, and do things other people would consider perverse. Their desire to find happiness is grand and colorful. They’d rather find their own path wherever it may lead…length: 75′


An explosive performance inspired by the ground-breaking masterpiece ‘Naked Lunch’ by American author William S.Burroughs’ anything goes approach to literature was the starting point to explore ‘freedom of being’. Guy Weizman says:”Our fear of stepping out of line seems to outweigh our desire to embark on new adventures and our freedom to dare. Naked lunch is my bible for individualistic thinking and creativity. Burroughs writes about the interzone, a place where dreams come true, hope thrives but your greatest fears also surface. We created such a place on stage.”…length: 70′


Based on a piece originally created for women, the Language of Walls. This version is performed entirely by MEN! It tells the story of a band of 7 men, as they hang around in a bar and dream of their breakthrough. Until that day arrives, these anti-heroes are dealing with the ‘joy’ of maturing, and waking up from their college dreams. As an experiment in trespassing gender barriers, Alpha boys is a wonderful chance to see the freedom men discover, when allowed to walk around and a cupboard, the performance tries to explore the concept of the new man. These guys would do a lot for you to like them, leaving self-respect and shame behind…length: 70′